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The Masters of Luridity: A Study of “The Mesa Of Lost Women”

Or, how one of the worst movies ever made became the inspiration for my life’s work.

First, check out this unintentionally hilarious (and lurid) trailer:

The Mesa of Lost Women (1953 Trailer)

Now, let’s do a quick precis:

“Hidden the mesas of New Mexico, a disgraced but brilliant scientist creates a new type of human female, altering their genetics to include the powers of a spider”.

Uh…wait a minute..is that “The Mesa of Lost Women”, or “Nuegua”?

The truth is that the Nuegua storyline is an update to and rewrite of “The Mesa Of Lost Women”.

To show how close the world-building is. let’s take a look at my villainess, Beryla.

Hmmm…that’s Tandra Quinn from “The Mesa Of Lost Women”! I dimly remember watching this movie on a Saturday afternoon when I was no older than twelve, maybe only eleven.

The image stuck. Here’s a better one:

As all modern rewrites do, Berylia is a ‘dark grey’ character; her motivations are logical, but cruel. She is a master manipulator, determined to overthrow the elite of Nueguan society.

As for the soundtrack of “The Mesa Of Lost Women”, it was disastrous attempt to fuse (I won’t go so far as to say ‘integrate’) Flamenco guitar with Schoenbergian piano.

And again, much of my Nueguan music does the same thing, hopefully a little better.

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Dianire Redourine, The Second Theme

Just a quick blog before the musical idea melts away!

Dianire Redourine is a suite I’m writing for the Second Sister novel. Here is the second part.

Dianire Redourine, The Second Theme

Here is the theme, variation two, that resolves this way (I’m going to simply name the notes from low to high): EBF#GBE –> BflatDGCG –>EBF#GBE –>FCDADE.
The instrument is a stock Squire Affinity Telecaster using the Audacity plugin ‘paulstretch’
The drawings are quite old–some go back to 1990–but the basic design has not changed.

Dragon Head, Dianire Theme Variation Two

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Second Sister: The Ruins Of Phoenix

The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate what the Apache Traders and Nueguan Sisters can do in concert. Characters are: Dianire Redourine; Hunts-The-Ruins(HTR); Alyria of Tiala; Seamus Espinoza.

At its heart, the action and character arcs are the mirror image of Ghost Sickness. Where Rintiala become more godlike; Dianire becomes more demonic. The foreshadowing of Ariana’s murder occurs in the death of Sister Alyria at the hands of Seamus Espinoza (from Dianire’s point-of-view). From HTR’s pov, Dianire has acted rashly and Alyria dies because of Dee’s impulsiveness.

HTR and Dee are driven by the Western Bandits into an arms cache, and emerge with Sonic Suckers (soundwave weapons that can chew through rock). The Western Bandits are driven off after suffering heavy casualties. HTR is aghast when Dee decides on her own to leave no prisoners.

Here HTR proves himself as the problem solver and hero that he basically is. He deciphers the Sonic Suckers, and debates with Dee how to use them. She simply wants to obliterate the Western Bandits, but HTR knows the WB will be back in even greater numbers, once they realize they will lose yet another city.

His intention is to corral the WB with precision use of the Sonic Suckers, as that will cause the fewest casualties and not drain the last charges from the Sonic Suckers. (At the end of this chapter, there are only two Sonic Suckers, each with only one charge. Neither HTR or Dee knows that the ‘armor’ is part of the recharging system, as they do not have the time to decipher how to extract the power cables form the shoulder stocks.)

This chapter needs to make it clear just how much Dee hates Old Humans, and has no qualms about exterminating them. That being said, the motivation must be unambiguous.

Dianire is late returning to Clan Redourine, and misses her meeting in Village Tiala. Because of this, Berylia, Ariana and Tianara have a day’s journey (approximately 40 miles) lead ahead of her.