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Angels In The Basement

Chapter Two of Second Sister sends us back to the creation of Nuegua on September 15 2100.

I’m going to shorten the storyline of ‘Pink Tamale’ and insert it into this chapter instead. All this information needs to be presented to the reader before “The Furniture Of Paradise”.

Angels in the Basement is the second chapter in Nuegua: Book Two.
It describes the virtual tour of Nueguan created by Alathea and Pink for Sean’s education.
In it we learn what is planned for the first sixteen generations up until and including the birth of Rintiala and Dianire.

It begins in the kitchen of a typical Clan Demetran Sister, surrounded by her dozen children.

The story is a descent from Demetra to Redourine and finally to Tiala, where we first encounter the Bright and Dark Queen enhancements to the original Nueguan strain.

As the story progresses we go from a traditional rural Mexican home to the Ray openpit mine, and finally into the Healer’s Temple,
until we descend to the secret hidden in the Birthing Mothers.