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Second Sister Final Scene

Final Scene of Second Sister


Rintiala embraces her daughter Queen Ariana the Beautiful with “Hello Queen Ariana. I’m your mother.”

A moment after they separate, Hunts-The-Ruins feels a shudder under his mocassined feet. “Either an earthquake or Old Gringo technology, Rintiala,” he states. “And if it is the second, it can only mean one thing. “

Queen Ariana concludes his thought. “The Sky Wanderers have returned.” She turns to Lieutenant Alphonso and gives him an order. “Tell the monks to open up the Gringo armory. White powder projectile weapons only; we don’t know if the energy weapons still work.”

Lieutenant Alphonso bows and marches away, two guard monks in tow. All around the Queen’s Guard are making combat hand signals, quickly indicating the direction of the threat.

“Mother, what should we do?” Queen Ariana asks Rintiala.

“Go out to meet them,” Rintiala replies calmly.

“Then let us take the short path to the Grand Entrance.” Queen Ariana replies, signaling to her bodyguards to follow them through a side door of the stage.

Queen Ariana and her mother emerge at the Grand Entrance, on a walkway just above the floor of the cavern. A thousand metres away, three Sky Wanderer scout ships, looking scarred and worse for wear, land. The Queen’s Guard take up their positions around the Grand Entrance, 20th century white powder projectile weapons aimed at the three ships.

“Make sure no one fires on the occupants of those ships unless you give the signal, Ariana,” Rintiala states. “If they had wanted to destroy us, they would have done so already.”

“You must be my mother,” Ariana replies whimsically. “I’ve only known you for a few moments, and already you’re giving orders.”

“It’s an old habit I’ve never quite gotten rid of,” Rintiala admits.

The hatch door of the closest Sky Wanderer ship opens slowly, and a figure in a 21st century exo-suit climbs out slowly, clumsily descending the gangway ladder. As the figure connects to solid ground, it slowly removes its helmet. A blonde woman in her middle years looks up to see Queen Ariana and Rintiala, as if she recognized them.

“Please help us,” the blonde woman says.