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Scene 8 of Strong Baby’s Dream

Scene 8 of Strong Baby’s Dream is the big battle scene, with an epilogue in which what is left of the Western Bandits are carted off to their exile in Old Albuquerque.
The battle itself comes to its culmination when Seamus Espinoza realizes that he has lost the men he sent to Mother Goose House. He orders his troops into Deer Creek Canyon, to kill any Nueguans they find, and then to burn out the Wild Mothers.
Dianire senses them first, and her first duty is to protect Rintiala, Ariana and her own sister Tianara. Alope is outside the Birthing Mother; as is Dianire. When the Western Bandit attack begins, both she and Alope get into Redourine Wild Mothers, and under Dianire’s guidance, use Mothersilk to weave impenetrable armour around Yassah and Shassah, who then march head on into the Western Bandits, knocking them over as the Graspers cannot be harmed by black powder weapons. Alope, impulsive as ever, leaps out of her Wild Redourine Mother, running to give commands to the Graspers. When Seamus Espinoza sees her and the ineffectiveness of gunfire, he prepares to throw a stick of dynamite at the young girl. All seems lost for the Nueguans, but it is Berylia who saves the day. She commands the Wild Demetran Soldier termites to chew the Western Bandits down to the bone. She allows only Seamus Espinoza to be spared.
So, it is the villain of the saga who saves the day. This is important because it is the primary reason that Ariana trusts Berylia, and is willing to become a Companion.