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Second Sister: The Council of Three Minus One

A storyboard of the first nine frames of “Second Sister: The Council of Three Minus One”

This storyboard introduces all the central Nueguan characters for ‘Strong Baby’s Dream’
Frame1First Healer Sister Alathea and Second Builder Sister await the arrival of Dona Demetra, First of Gardeners
Frame 2Alope rushes out of the Healing Temple, breathlessly bringing the bad news about First Builder Sister Tianara, blood sister to both Dianire and Alope
Frame 3Dianire scolds her blood sister Alope, disciplining her in the way of a Novice, while Alathea looks on, nodding in agreement. “Guild is greater than blood,” Dianire reminds Alope.
Frame 4Dona Demetra arrives, accompanied by Berylia, who is not a Sister, nor a Servant. Demetra introduces Berylia as First of Companions, a Guild unknown to either Alathea or Dianire.
Frame 5The Council of Three convenes; neither Alope nor Berylia is allowed to attend. Second Sister is temporarily raised to the rank of First, filling the empty seat of Tianara.
Frame 6Second Sister Ariana arrives, demonstrating Tianara’s condition using a new Healer technique, the Dream Castle. Alathea explains to Dona Demetra that Ariana is the primary Healer for Tianara. A decision is made.
Frame 7Dona Demetra and Berylia pack up, loading a Sick Healing Mother onto their cart, drawn by Spanish draft horses. They invite Ariana to go to Clan Demetra to see how Sick Mothers are treated, and she accepts.
Frame 8Rintiala’s plan to save Tianara is explained by the narrator, showing how Tianara was placed in the Sick Mother by Berylia and Alope, while they supposedly waited outside the Council chambers.
Frame 9Just as the cart and horses leave the Healing precincts, Alope rides up on one of her Graspers–Yassah–followed by Shassah. Alope was not part of Rintiala’s plan, but Ariana decides that she may come, as long as she stays out of harm’s way.
Story board for The Council of Three Minus One