Second Sister: Strong Baby’s Dream

This chapter continues the character development and plot of ‘Mothering Day: The Decisions’. It is seven years later; Tianara is in the eighth month of a dangerous ectopic pregnancy. Berylia–now called Companion Berylia–arrives at Clan Redourine to arrange an exchange of skills with Tianara. First Sister Tianara has had two miscarriages, and the Healing Guild has analyzed her condition as chronic and genetic. She is not allow to have another pregnancy, but she does anyway. At this point, the Guilds agree that she has chosen to die with her unborn child, and the decision is that Tianara should be allowed to make this tragic choice. Berylia offers an alternative: under the supervision of a Second Sister of the Healer Guild, and with the application of new types of Motherfruit developed by Berylia, it is now possible for Tianara and her baby to survive the birth trauma.

This chapter introduces Ariana, younger sister of Rinatiala by one year. Ariana was the Second Sister in charge of Tianara’s pregnancy analysis, and offers to perform the surgery, using the new Mothershell scalpels created by Dianire (Tianara’s younger sister) and the Motherfruit developed by Berylia.

Nothing turns out as anyone expects.

Second Sister Ariana of the Healer's Guild, age 18.

Second Sister Ariana of the Healer’s Guild, age 18.

This first chapter is now a stand-alone novella!


(1) Strong Baby’s Dream: Tsunami

(2) Strong Baby’s Dream: Falcon Girl

(3) The Council of Three Minus One

(4) Ariana’s Plan

(5) Smugglers

(6) The Redourines Give Chase


(7) Berylia’s Proposal

(8) Mother Hen House

(9) The Treatment and The Cure

(10) The Betrayal

(11) The Western Bandits

(12) Alope and Yassah

(13) The Trap

(14) The Deportation

(15) The Final Offer