Westin Kierland 2528 A.D.

Westin Kierland September 30 2528 A.D.

A map of the Westin Kierland on September 30, 2528 A.D., the day of Dianire’s denouement.

The entire sequence lasts from 11:30 am. to 4:30 am., so events move quite quickly.

  • The Apache party consisting of: Finds-Water (Head Trader); Hunts-The-Ruins (Provisional Trader for the Phoenix Apache); Second Sister Dianire Redourine, representing the Nueguan Guild of Builders; Second Sister Alyria, representing both the Guild of Healers and the Guild of Gardeners (because this Guild refused to send a representative); Long Jumper (Provisional Trader for the Jicarilla Apache).
  • Finds-Water and Long Jumper drive to within a quarter mile of the Grand Entrance, and drop off Dianire, Alyria and Hunts-The-Ruins, who are left to walk to the Grand Entrance, there to meet the synthetic stewards of the Kierland–Cyl and Tia–and negotiate over lunch.
  • A stray shot from Western Bandit snipers, camped out in the Fruit Groves to the south of the Grand Entrance nearly hits Dianire’s boot. Hunts-The-Ruins tells her it was a mistake, as the shooter is waving a white handkerchief of peace. Dianire grumbles, convinced otherwise.
  • The trio meet the stewards and they all move into the main restaurant just north of the Grand Entrance. The trio are feted with food and drink nearly unheard of in the Empty Earth of 2528 such as mangoes, chocolates and champagne.
  • After the meal, each of the trio is invited to an individual tour, which they agree to, because each of the three has a secret, hidden from the other two.
  • Hunts-The-Ruins tours the Greenhouse and Aquaculture areas, and is tested by Cy to see if the Phoenix Apache are the ‘backup race’ that Cy suspects Sean Landesten created, in case the Sky Wanderers exterminate or enslave the Nueguans.
  • Alyria is treated to a demonstration of the synthetics’ latest aphrodisiac foods, and is seduced into an orgy with synthetic versions of Hunts-The-Ruins and Rintiala, those organic beings thoroughly scanned when the Sentinel was awoken.
  • Dianire tours Sugar House, the nearly all-organic living quarters built with technology that Nuegua would highly desire, such as zebra mussel water filters. She is tested much more harshly than the other two, as her DNA contains the version of the Recursive Instructional Nexus or RIN, the organic supercomputer that the synthetics believe will allow them to leave their synthetic bodies behind, and become a new super-race of organic beings.
  • As a result of her failing to meet the goals of the synthetics, Alyria is expelled by them, as they do not desire her version of the RIN, She is thrust out of the Grand Entrance with the synthetic versions of Rintiala and Hunts-The-Ruins, to face the wrath of the Western Bandits, who only a month earlier were humiliated by the duo.
  • Dianire and Hunts-The-Ruins now consider the synthetics as untrustworthy allies, even though the synthetics allow them to plunder a small weapons cache, located at the north end of the Grand Hotel. Both of them wreak havoc on the Western Bandits, using 22nd century technology.
  • Alyria escapes the Western Bandits, with the help of the Super Dogs. Hunts-The-Ruins leaves with Finds-Water and Long Jumper, heading for the Jicarilla Reserve in New Spain. Dianire rejects everyone, and decides to hike back on her own to Clan Redourine, located at the Ray mines in Arizona. On the way home, she vows to create a new Warrior Guild, to deal with both the Western Bandits and the Apache.