Nuegua Book Three: War In Heaven

The third and final book of the Nuegua series is also divided into three parts, and covers the origin story of Nuegua, the ‘lost years’ of Rintiala and Dianire, and finally ‘Lightning and Earth Mother’ a condensed form of what became of the Sky Wanderers, their split into warring factions, and their desperate attempt to reclaim both their lost humanity and their future by stealing Rintiala’s and Dianire’s DNA.

Part One: The Virgin of the Second Sight deals with the creation of the Nueguan race, first beginning in 2100 with the story of Pink Tamale, and her alliance with Sean Landesten and Althea Radford as they create the world of Nuegua. This section ends with the ‘One-Hour War’ of the Sky Wanderers, and their creation of the Empty Earth.

Part Two: The Lost Years 2528 to 2578 details Rintiala’s creation of a Nueguan colony in the ruins Orlando Florida, and her mission to determine what became of Dianire in Chihuahua. It ends with Dianire’s rejection of Rintiala, and ‘No Mercy in the Cathedral’.

Part Three: The Myth of Lightning and Earth Mother is sung (one of the first Nueguan ritual hymns) and then we experience the struggle between the genetically engineered Sky Wanderers and their trans-human descendants, culminating in the discovery that the trans-humans can no longer reproduce naturally, and what is worse their RIN (Recursive Instructional Nexus) is deteriorating to the point where their long life-span is coming to an end. They have never stopped monitoring Earth, but have kept a ‘hands-off’ attitude until this juncture. Rintiala’s awakening of the Sentinel at Camelback Mountain and the information about Nueguan DNA sent from the synthetics at the Grand Kierland motivates the leadership of the trans-humans to break protocol and seize Nueguan women, to harvest them both for their reproductive organs and their DNA. The original genetically-engineered Sky Wanderers try to stop them and fail. The War between the Sky Wanderers and the Nueguans, four hundred-plus years in the making begins with the landing of the scout ships in front of Carlsbad Abbey.