When and Where is Nuegua?

The New Genetic Woman Project or Nuegua, created by Sean Landesten, Alathea Radford, and Maria Alvarez Sepulveda (aka ‘Pink Tamale’) can be considered to have come into birth during the One Hour War of September 15 2110.   The project, later called the Nuegua Homeland, was the eleventh-hour attempt to create a new kind of human society, integrated into the desert ecology of northern Arizona, by the use of the Cactus Mothers.   Hidden away in the Christmas Mines near Superior Arizona, Nuegua successfully defeated the Sky Wanderers DNA-destructor weapons, only to find itself marooned on the Empty Earth.

The main story– the Summer People, can be said to begin sometime in August of 2528, although Nuegua was not actually discovered (long after it was abandoned) in August of 2578.

Nuegua. A world we engineered. A way of life we never imagined.

Nuegua Timeline for November 9 2013 

Anno Domini Date Chapter Story Line: Nuegua Book One: The Summer People Characters & Setting
September 1 2578 No Mercy In The Cathedral Annihilation of New Spaniard
colonists in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Flagellentes spread a rumour that
it is the work of Dona Dina (Dianire Redourine)
Lieutenant & New Spanish Colonists; Dianire Redourine & The
Warrior Guild.[Outskirts of Chihuahua Mexico Ruins,]
September 15 2578 Meeting At The Green Lake Room Representatives of all the
peoples of the Empty Earth meet at Carlsbad Abbey’s Green Lake Room at
the request of the Queen of New Spain: New Spaniards, Apache, Hopi,
Navaho, Comanche, even the Western Bandits. News of the Chihuahua
massacre is relayed, and a possible cause is unearthed from the Abbey
of New Spain, Abbot of Carlsbad Abbey, representatives from New Spanish
nobility, Apache Traders, Hopi, Navaho, plus Western  Bandits,
& a surprise guest [Carlsbad Abbey]
September 15 2110 The Sixty-Minute War Betrayal of Earth by the Sky Wanderers; beginning of the Empty Earth period. Sean
Landesten, Alathea Radford, Maria-Alvarez-Domingo, CEO of Sky
Wanderers,various thugs and military types.[Phoenix Arizona, Age of the
December 25 2110 Creation of Nuegua Death of Sean Landesten, Alathea Radford, Maria Alvarez-Domingo (Pink Tamale) Sean
Landesten, Alathea Radford, Maria-Alvarez-Domingo, CEO of Sky
Wanderers,various thugs and military types.[Phoenix Arizona, Age of the
August 31 2516 Desert Frigate Defeat of Western Bandits at Socorro; rise to power of Carlos Sepulveda (King Carlos) Western
Bandits under Seamus Espinoza; Family Sepulveda under Maria: Bennedetto
(son), Carlos (nephew), Constanza Baca, Alejandro Baca, various Mestizo
September 1 2521 Mothering Day Acceptance of Rintiala & Dianire into Guilds of Healers & Builders; rejection of Berylia into Guild of Healers Alathea,
First Sister Among Firsts; Rintiala, Dianire, Berylia, Oldest Healing
Sister, various First Sisters of the Three Guilds.
August 1 2528 Ghost Sickness Entrance into the Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain; Elevation of Rintiala to First Sister. Alathea, Rintiala, Finds-Water, Hunts-the-Ruins, various Western Bandits and Apache Police.
September 1 2528 Furniture of Paradise Attempt
by Rintiala & Dianire (with aid from Ariana) to utilize the
Birthing Mothers to save Tianara’s baby; successful, but with
disastrous consequences.
Rintiala, Dianire, Ariana, Alope, Tianara, Alathea, virtual Sean Landesten.
September 15 2528 Trader’s Bazaar Proclamation by Rintiala of free pre- and post- natal care for all Apache women; opposed by Apache Traders Rintiala, Dianire, Ariana, Alope, Alathea, Hunts-The-Ruins, Finds-Water, Berylia
October 1 2528 Cholera Among The Jicarilla Hunts-The-Ruins
runs off with Ariana, to bring Nueguan Healing to the Jicarilla in New
Spain, Introduction of the plot to eliminate the Jicarilla, engineered
by King Carlos & Alejandro Baca.
Hunts-The-Ruins, Ariana, Long Jumper, various Jicarilla and Mestizo (underclass of New Spain).
November 1 2528 Business at New Alcazar King Carlos convinces Ariana to re-think her situation, takes her into his care Carlos Sepulveda, Ariana Tiala, Dona Immelda (sister of Maria Sepulveda), Long Jumper, Navaho grandmother and children.
November 15 2528 Treasure at Ramada Los Alamos Ariana successfully unlocks the Sky Wanderer’s vault at Los Alamos, making New Spain unimaginabley rich & powerful;
Carlos proposes marriage to her at the ball celebrating her success;
she accepts.Turning point paragraph at end: a group of pilgrims passing
by Los Alamos, infected with Laughing Sickness.
Ariana Tiala, Sergeant Garcia, King Carlos, Leader of the Flagellantes, various Kings Guardsmen, Dona Immelda.
December 1 2528 Laughing Sickness Opening of Los Alamos inadvertently unleashes a plague on New Spain; Flagellantes blame King Carlos. Infiltration of Rintiala into New Spain by Finds-Water, death of Finds-Water, meeting of Family Sepulveda and Rintiala, when Benedetto is returned to Soccorro. Rintiala, Benedetto Sepulveda,Maria Sepulveda, Finds-Water, Constanza Baca, various Mestizo servants.
December 15 2528 Western Bandits Ariana’s
healing powers are used
to drive the Western Bandits from Albuquerque, their last bastion and
home. King Carlos unites New Spain & is the most powerful ruler in
the Empty Earth; preparations for the Grand Wedding. Western Bandits
are officially declared Enemies of New Spain, agreement reached with
Apache Police for WB elimination.
Ariana, Captain (formerly Sergeant) Garcia, Seamus Espinoza, King Carlos.
December 27 2528 Warrior Guild Alathea and Dianire decide that
both Ariana and Rintiala have been captured by slavers, and organize a
new Warrior Guild to rescue them, vehemently opposed by the Apache
Traders and Apache Police. Berylia, First Sister of the Guild of
Gardeners, plans an alternative strategy with the Apache, one that will
see the end of the Guilds of both Healers and Builders.
Alathea, Dianire, Berylia, various First and Second Sisters of the Guilds.
December 28 The Remaking Rintiala now permanently altered
genetically, begins mass healings of plague victims, Flagellantes form
a Catholic cult around her, believing her to be Maria of Agreda.
Rintiala, Maria Sepulveda, Benedetto Sepulveda, Constanza Baca, various Mestizo servants.
December 31 Sister’s Brooch Infiltration of Sante Fe (New Spain) by the Warrior Guild; The Grand Wedding is followed by Assassination of Ariana, and indiscriminate murder of Dona Immelda and various Mestizo servants. Ariana Tiala, Dona Immelda, various Mestizo servants.
Anno Domini Date Chapter Story Line: Book Two: I Will Tread The Earth Once More
No Time LIghtning & Earth Mother Creation Myth of Clan Tiala Lightning (Sky Wanderer) & Earth Mother (Nuegua) declare everlasting war upon each other.
January 2 2529 The Allegiance King’s Guard & Apache Police
put aside their rivalries to quash the Nueguan Warrior Guild, which has
fled Santa Fe, heading south. King Carlos is informed of the miraculous
healings at Socorro; he deduces that is the Dianire’s goal, to abscond
with Rintiala and head back to Nuegua.  This does not happen,
because the Apache Police cut her off, using methane-powered trucks
(against New Spanish religious beliefs, that allow only horses).
Even while attempting to put aside rivalries, most disagreements
develop.  Rintiala & Benedetto flee Socorro, attempting to return to Nuegua.
King Carlos, Alejandro Baca, Long Jumper, various King’s Guard and Apache Police.
January 5 2529 The Galiuro Dianire leads the Warrior Guild
into the most dangerous place known on the Empty Earth: the Galiuro
Wilderness, dumping ground of failed Nueguan technology.
First battle with the Allegiance; Warrior Guild cut down by half,
escape only with the help of Yassah. Alope decides to stay behind with Yassah; only she can work with the Wild Mothers.
Dianire, Duji, Alope, Yassah & Shassah, Carlos Sepulveda, Alejandro Baca, Long Jumper.
January 7 2529 The Armoury Dianire finds a Sky Wanderer
weapons depot at the most southern border of Nuegua; Warrior Guild is
attacked by Western Bandits, and reduced to only Dianire, Duji (her
brother and betrothed to Rintiala) . Deploys Sky Wanderer weapons; Western
Bandits call a truce, and a counter-Allegiance.
Dianire, Seamus Espinoza, Duji, Alope.
January 10 2529 Guild of Gardeners The Allegiance destroys an
entire village of Gardeners in an attempt to lure out Dianire; Nuegua
is now broken. Berylia uses this disaster to her advantage; the
Allegiance is shattered; her warnings of Dianire and Rintiala have
proven true; Berylia proposes mass marriage of all Nueguan women
(regardless of Guild) to Apache families as restitution.  Dianire
escapes back to the Healing Temple at Clan Tiala, just after Rintiala and Benedetto have arrived.
Alejandro Baca, Long Jumper, Dianire, Berylia, Rintiala, Benedetto.
January 13 2529 The Healing Temple Final battle between and among
all the parties: Apache side with Guild of Gardeners; Western Bandits
with Dianire; Kings Guard outnumbers the rest by five-to-one.
Rintiala arrives and uses her abilities to protect the Healing Temple;
she fails because the Kings Guard dynamite with San Carlos Dam,
flooding Clan Tiala.  Only Alathea and Duji’s bodies are
recovered; Rintiala, Dianire have disappeared.
Rintiala, Dianire, Benedetto, Carlos, Alejandro, Long-Jumper, Alathea, Duji.
February 1 2529 Catching The Swarm Dianire does the one thing that
no one expects; she uses Sky Wanderer vehicles to transport Rintiala
and the last of the Tialan boys and girls back to Soccorro; all of them
must choose whether to stay there or disappear with Dianire into Mexico
(unknown territory outside the boundaries of the Empty Earth).
They all choose to leave, not trusting New Spaniards.  Rintiala,
now pregnant finds herself confronted by King Carlos with his
demand/request: “Give me your baby, and I will let you go free”.
Rintiala, Dianire, Carlos, various Nuegua children & Mestizo servants.
September 15 2578 I Will Tread The Earth Once More Assembly
at Carlsbad is shocked
by the story unfolded; at the end it is revealed that Queen Ariana the
Beautiful is the daughter of Rintiala, or Dona Rina, Healer of
Children.  Hunts-The-Ruins revealed as eyewitness author of the
documents. They begin to leave the Abbey grounds just as a space
ship is seen high in the late afternoon sky, beginning its’
descent.  The Sky Wanderers have returned.
Queen of New Spain, Hunts-The-Ruins (remade), Abbot of Carlsbad.


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