Nuegua YouTube Videos

This page is dedicated to the pre-visualization videos I have created for the Nueguan storyline. Please note! My approach is ‘warts-and-all’, so that a student can see what kinds of problems crop up.

Dragon Head, from: Nuegua: First Sister: Mothering Day: The Trials

Birthing Mother from: Nuegua: Second Sister: The Furniture of Paradise

This is the final design–and please note that I did this long before ‘Man of Steel’ was in production. Three pairs of surgical arms of differing sizes are used to successfully birth a child without doctor or midwives. These were not used after the first generation of Nueguans was born.

The next set of videos has to do with the Wild Mothers; those Cactus Mothers with defective genes that are moved to the Galiuro Wilderness when they are very young (still mobile, like a hermit crab) and allowed to adapt or perish, Darwin style.  The first in the list is the healthy but mutated one that Alope can enter. After that, the Wild Mothers are in various stages of dying.

Wild Mother from Nuegua: War In Heaven: The Galiuro

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